Upcoming Events

AGRODEP organizes technical meetings and outreach events to promote scientific exchange among experts and interaction with policy practitioners, the latter in collaboration with leading organizations at the country, regional, and continental levels.

We also host training workshops and seminars to support young scientists, upgrade skills of Consortium members, and promote technical and methodological innovation to ensure that the Consortium remains a world class entity.

3 Déc, 2019 - 6 Déc, 2019

2019 Training Course - Microeconometrics: Applications in Stata

Dakar, Senegal


This course will provide participants multiple up-to-date statistical and econometric techniques to analyze microeconomic data. In particular, a wide variety of microeconometric methods available in Stata will be covered, including linear regression, instrumental-variables estimation, nonlinear models, panel data models, estimation of average treatment effects, and simulations and bootstrapping (if time permits). Special emphasis will be placed on the rationale and implementation of the methods and interpretation of results using different examples and applications. Overall, the course aims to help participants analyze microeconomic data by applying different econometric techniques using a popular specialized software.