Ongoing Events

AGRODEP provides grants to cover gaps in research, to promote research innovations, and to facilitate research valorization. Annual competitive calls for research proposals are made for the grants for gaps in research and the grants for innovative research. AGRODEP members are eligible to apply for grants for research valorization year-round.

The AGRODEP Working Paper series aims to enhance the visibility of African researchers and experts as well as contribute to the policy dialogue in Africa. Manuscripts submissions are accepted year-round. AGRODEP members are also eligible to apply for awards for excellence in publications throughout the year.

1 Jan, 2014 - 31 Déc, 2022

AGRODEP’s new Affiliate Membership program aims to increase its members’ exposure to colleagues and experts outside of AGRODEP. By sharing data, economic models, and experiences with non-AGRODEP members, and by engaging with their peers outside of the Consortium, AGRODEP members will be better positioned to perform science-based research and to help address strategic development issues and relevant agricultural-related challenges through the formation of sound policies.