Biofortification, Agricultural Technology Adoption, and Nutrition Policy: Some Lessons and Emerging Challenges

Daniel O. Gilligan
CESifo Economic Studies

Biofortification is a rapidly emerging strategy to address micronutrient malnutrition, but as an agricultural strategy with health objectives, it faces unique challenges. This article identifies three challenges to agricultural technology adoption that biofortification must meet to become a successful component of national nutrition strategies: (i) biofortification will need to achieve high rates of adoption and consumption in geographically distinct areas; (ii) strategies for delivery of biofortified crops must be tailored to the local context for each crop–nutrient pair; and (iii) biofortification needs to identify more cost-effective delivery strategies in order to offer an alternative to supplementation and commercial fortification. Evidence to support these arguments is provided from recent biofortification experiments in Uganda and Mozambique. (JEL codes: I12, O33, Q16)




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