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African Growth and Development Policy (AGRODEP) Modeling Consortium is issuing its first annual call for competitive grant proposals to support research on emerging issues in Africa that have previously  received little or no attention.   

The selected topic of this year’s GAPS IN RESEARCH grant is: Foreign Direct Investment in Land (FDI), Land Markets and Land Institutions, and Development of the Agricultural Sector in Africa. Proposals can address any or all of the aspects of the main topic. 

In recent years, land markets and land institutions have been characterized by new developments that have not yet received adequate attention by research. Among these, foreign direct investment in land and its potential impact on agricultural development and food security in Africa has drawn special attention. Given that data is sporadic and little research has been conducted on the topic, AGRODEPthrough this granthopes to contribute to addressing the research gap that currently exists.

The GAPS IN RESARCH grant will support quantitative research that addresses any or all aspects of the main topic. AGRODEP encourages researchers and research organizations worldwide to apply, especially if they have already engaged in some capacity in addressing these issues, but could use the funds to complement their efforts and produce high quality research on the topic.


AGRODEP anticipates awarding a total of $50,000 per year to address gaps in research. The size of each proposal may range from $US10, 000 to $US15, 000, depending on the quality and the potential for innovation that it exhibits. 


All researchers or research organizations in and outside of Africa are invited to apply.  AGRODEP members are also eligible to apply.


  • All proposals must be submitted electronically to info-agrodep@agrodep.org by Monday, July 16, 2012.
  • AGRODEP will notify the selected proposals by Sunday, September 30, 2012.


AGRODEP does not require the use of a particular proposal template, but proposals need to be a maximum of four (4) pages long and include at least these key elements of standard research proposals:

  • Introduction
  • Brief literature review, including any previous or ongoing research on the topic that you have or are currenlty conducting
  • Methodology & Data
  • Project Timetable
  • Authors: who will be involved in the study and in what capacity
  • Funding required from AGRODEP as well as any additional sources of funding
  • References


AGRODEP is an initiative led by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in collaboration with the ASARECACORAF/WECARD, and FANRPAN. The Consortium aims at positioning African experts to take a leading role in the study of strategic development questions and the broader agricultural growth and policy debate facing African countries.

For more about AGRODEP or if you have questions about this proposal please visit www.agrodep.org and write to info-agrodep@agrodep.org.