The African Growth and Development Policy Modeling Consortium is an initiative aimed at positioning African experts to take a leadership role in the study of strategic development questions and the broader agricultural growth and policy debate facing African countries.

AGRODEP Bulletin: Edition 5, Volume 3

The AGRODEP Bulletin is a publication that provides insight into major economic development issues in Africa. It presents research and capacity building activities undertaken by AGRODEP and announces the publication of new economic data and statistics on Africa. You can read the current issue and previous issues of the Bulletin in the Bulletin archives.

AGRODEP Working Paper No. 0015

AGRODEP recently released Working Paper 0015, "Modeling the Determinants of Poverty in Zimbabwe," authored by AGRODEP member Carren Pindiriri

All AGRODEP Working Papers can be viewed in the working paper library.

Photo Gallery: 2015 Agricultural Distortions & Value Chains Course

The 2015 training course on Agricultural Distortions & Value Chains was held in Dakar, Senegal in early September. This course helped participants develop an understanding of value chain analysis and factors that can influence value chains. View photos from the courses by clicking the link below


This module on gravity equations is composed of a literature review summarizing the key points and references needed to estimate a gravity equation along with a set of illustrative STATA programs used to perform such estimations. Several examples of hands-on estimation are given to familiarize users with the gravity equation methodological choices highlighted in the literature review.

Tanzania 2011-12 HIV/AIDS and MIS

The 2011-12 Tanzania HIV/AIDS and Malaria Indicator Survey (THMIS) was designed to provide up-to-date information on the prevalence of HIV infection among Tanzanian adults and the prevalence of malaria and anaemia among children under age five

Key statistics and AGRODEP documentation on Tanzania can be found here.


5 Oct, 2015 - 9 Oct, 2015 IFPRI - Dakar



Over time, the gravity model has been defined as the workhorse of international trade and its ability to correctly approximate bilateral trade flows makes it one of the most successful “empirical fact” in economics. With data increasingly available for developing, as well as developed countries, the gravity model has come to be the starting point for a wide variety of research questions with a policy component.

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