The African Growth and Development Policy Modeling Consortium is an initiative aimed at positioning African experts to take a leadership role in the study of strategic development questions and the broader agricultural growth and policy debate facing African countries.

AGRODEP Newsletter No. 45: May 2016

The latest issue of the AGRODEP newsletter is now available on the AGRODEP website. It includes news about recent AGRODEP activities and features three AGRODEP members. The newsletter is published monthly. You can read the May issue and previous issues of the newsletter in the newsletter archives.

Working Paper No. 0027

Working Paper 0027, "The European Union’s and United States of America’s Non–Tariff Measures: Impacts on African Exports," by AGRODEP member Olayinka Kareem is the latest addition to the AGRODEP Working Paper Series.

All AGRODEP Working Papers can be viewed in the working paper library.

2011 Ghana MICS

The 2011 Ghana Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) is the fourth round of the MICS survey in Ghana. The program is developed by UNICEF and focuses on measuement of key health indicators for women and children.

Key statistics and AGRODEP documentation on Ghana can be found here.

Export Restrictions And import Tariffs Overall impacts (ERATO) model

The Export Restrictions And import Tariffs Overall impacts (ERATO) model illustrates how a multi-market model can be used to analyze trade policy options in a context of a multi-product value chain. The ERATO model is a member of the MUlti Sectoral partial Equilibrium models (MUSE) developed for the AGRODEP Consortium.


1 Jan, 2014 - 31 Dec, 2016

AGRODEP’s new Affiliate Membership program aims to increase its members’ exposure to colleagues and experts outside of AGRODEP. By sharing data, economic models, and experiences with non-AGRODEP members, and by engaging with their peers outside of the Consortium, AGRODEP members will be better positioned to perform science-based research and to help address strategic development issues and relevant agricultural-related challenges through the formation of sound policies.

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