The African Growth and Development Policy Modeling Consortium is an initiative aimed at positioning African experts to take a leadership role in the study of strategic development questions and the broader agricultural growth and policy debate facing African countries.

AGRODEP Newsletter No. 42: January 2016

The latest issue of the AGRODEP newsletter is now available on the AGRODEP website. It includes news about recent AGRODEP activities and features three AGRODEP members. The newsletter is published monthly. You can read the January issue and previous issues of the newsletter in the newsletter archives.

Working Paper No. 0021

AGRODEP released Working Paper 0021, "An Analysis of the Fishing Industry in Namibia: The Structure, Performance, Challenges, and Prospects for Growth and Diversification," by Blessing Chiripanhura and Mogos Teweldemedhin

All AGRODEP Working Papers can be viewed in the working paper library.

AGRODEP Spatial Equilibrium Model

The AGRODEP SEM is a multi-region partial equilibrium model which links producers and consumers from different locations. It allows economists to examine the global economic and trade consequences of diverse trade policies by determining their effects on market, trade and welfare variables. Model files are available to AGRODEP members only.

Namibia 2013 DHS

The 2013 Namibia Demographic and Health Survey is the fourth survey conducted in Namibia as a part of the DHS program. This survey collects demographic socioeconomic and health data.

Key statistics and AGRODEP documentation on Namibia can be found here.


29 Mar, 2016 - 1 Apr, 2016 IFPRI - Dakar



AGRODEP, with support from the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM), is pleased to announce a new two-part training course on Tools for Value Chain Analysis as part of the AGRODEP Value Chain Analysis Virtual Hub. 
The first part of the course, the Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI), will be taught by Hazel Malapit and the second part of the course, Introduction to the Participatory Market Chain Approach (PMCA), will be taught by Sarah Mayanja. More information about these tools and the training course are provided below. Participants are expected to attend both parts of the course.

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