How to Avoid Predatory Journals

Predatory journals, or fake publishers, are a growing business and cause a significant problem for developing country researchers. More and more research funders are requesting that results be published in Open Access Journals; by creating phony Open Access Models, predatory journals can cause important research to be lost and can deplete the public funds aimed at supporting developing country research. 

A recent study published in BMC Medicine and discussed in an article in Science Insider examines the cost of these predatory journals to research organizations in the developing world. The article points out that there needs to be more opportunities for researchers in developing countries to publish their work in high-quality journals.  Many respectable journals provide such an opportunity now by waiving their Author Publication Costs (APC) for developing country authors.

The IFPRI Library and Knowledge Management site, contains resources that can help you avoid predatory journals, such as the Beall’s list of predatory publishers.