Blog Guide

What this blog is for?

The blog is an informal place for AGRODEP members to share information on any professional issue. You can post updates on your models, datasets, or resources. You also share news about your organization, institute, or university with other AGRODEP members. This is also a great place to share information on seminars, conferences, and funding opportunities for AGRODEP members.

How to create a blog?

In order to start a Blog, please follow the two simple steps below:

Step one: Click the first arrow button "ADD A BLOG POST", located in right hand section of the blog page.

Figure 1.The first arrow button "ADD A BLOG POST" in the blog entry page

Figure 1. How to create a blog

Step Two: You can see the interface to add a new blog.  First, you need to specify your title. Then, write your post in the body. You can send a notification to AGRODEP users who you entered in the text box of "Notification". The text box has a wonderful function which provides an automatic way to find a person in the AGRODEP portal by just typing one letter, which brings out a list of name options starting with that letter. For example, if you want to find a person that has the first name starting with the letter "B", then type B in the text box. and you will automatically be able to see all people who have the first name starting with the letter "B".

Step Three: Save your post.

HOW TO edit AN existing BLOG?

* Note that you can only edit the blog which you wrote down. You cannot edit other blogs which other members wrote down.

In order to edit an existing Blog, please follow the two simple steps below:

Step One:  Click the blog post that you written. A window with all blog details will open.  At the top of the blog, you will see two tabbed panels entitled "Overview" and "Edit". Click the tabbed panel edtitled "Edit".

Figure 3. An individual blog post containing two tabbed panels: "overview" and "edit".

Step Two: Edit any content including title, body and email-notification and save your changes.

Figure 4. The user interface to edit contents of individual blog post


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