Food and Nutrition Security under CAADP

The latest AGRA Africa Agriculture Status Report shows evidence that CAADP has helped to lower malnutrition in Africa. Countries that have adopted the CAADP process have seen annual declines in malnutrition between 2.4 and 5.7 percent, while countries that have not adopted CAADP have only seen declines of 1.2 percent over the past decade.

However, important gaps in knowledge still existing regarding CAADP's imipact on food and nutrition security indicators. To help fill these gaps, the Africa south of the Sahara Food Security Portal is conducting a poll to help prioritize research into food and nutrition security under CAADP and help better explain why there appear to be mixed results for nutrition under CAADP implementation. Results from this poll will inform a side event at the upcoming ReSAKSS Conference in Accra. 

Read more and participate in the poll here.