No. 07 - Trade Policy Partial Equilibrium model in Excel: Documentation


This is a partial equilibrium model for trade policy analysis (PE-TRADE) which is set up in Excel. The PE-TRADE model in Excel shows multiple examples of trade policy analyses with increasing details in each worksheet. In these examples, the focus is on the response of import demand to changes in trade policy and other tax policy instruments.

As shown in the documentation, this model can be used for analyzing the implications of various trade policies and providing support to the trade negotiators at a detailed level. Although it has limitations in terms of its limited coverage of the economy, the PE-TRADE model is flexible enough to respond to changes in trade policy scenarios quickly and provide “first order” effects promptly (with room to allow incorporation of local knowledge from domestic policy sources). 

The documentation details the theory and the practical choices done to develop the PE-TRADE model. The worksheet is organized in a way that is user friendly, where there are input data and assumptions that the user can change to run various scenarios.

The Excel file of the PE-TRADE model is available to AGRODEP members here

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Laborde, D. and Tokgoz, S. 2013. Trade Policy Partial Equilibrium Model in Excel: Documentation. AGRODEP Technical Note 07. Washington, DC: International Food Policy Research Institute.