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Modelling International Relationships under Applied General equilibrium for agRODEP
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MIRAGRODEP is a dynamic multi-country, multi-sector general equilibrium model. The dynamics is recursive and the model is calibrated on the GTAP database. MIRAGRODEP is a new version of the MIRAGE model of the world economy, whose GAMS code has been simplified and presented in a more compact and user-friendly way.

This type of model can be used to study the detailed consequences of a global trade agreement (e.g. a new multilateral round of trade negotiations for Least Developed Countries see chapter 6 in Unfinished Business? The WTO’s Doha Agenda ). The MIRAGRODEP model can be easily adapted to other topics, e.g. regional trade agreements, preferential schemes, or even climate change issues.

The model has been written in GAMS and was the object of an AGRODEP training course conducted in Dakar by Antoine Bouet and David Laborde on December 17-19, 2012.

The first version (0-1) of the model is a multi-sectoral, multi-country, recursive dynamic model with one representative agent by region. It is focused on trade policy analysis using the consistent aggregator metholodogy as defined in Laborde, Martin and Mensbrugghe (2011).

Full documentation will be soon available.

The GAMS codes of MIRAGRODEP model are available to AGRODEP members.

Download the GAMS codes.

You can find more resources for the MIRAGRODEP model in the 2012 MIRAGRODEP training course.

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