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A Guide to microsimulations linked to CGE models
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This toolbox contains the codes used to run microsimulations linked to CGE models. As a specific example, it uses the IFPRI standard CGE model and the Tanzania Household Budget Survey 2000/2001 to simulate a 50% fall in export prices in Tanzania. Two microsimulation techniques are implemented: a non-parametric microsimulation model and a representative household model.

Three main source codes are presented:

  • The GAMS codes used to run the IFPRI Standard CGE model
  • The Stata codes for the top-down non parametric method
  • The Stata codes for the micro-accounting approach

The toolbox does not include the datasets used to run the models: the 2001 Social Accounting Matrix for Tanzania and different modules of the Tanzania Household Budget Survey 2000/2001.

The Social Accounting Matrix can be obtained from IFPRI Dataverse here.

The Household survey can be obtained from the  National Bureau of Statistics of Tanzania here.

Download the GAMS and STATA codes.

The following additional resource is available to AGRODEP members:

Guide to Microsimulations Linked to CGE Models: How to Introduce Analysis of Poverty and Income Distribution in CGE-based Studies describes the technics and how to implement them with the specific application to Tanzania.

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