AGRODEP Launches Special Award for 2012 Publications

Event Date

As 2013 begins, the AGRODEP team would like to thank all of its members and network friends for a highly successful first full year! 2012 saw significant growth in AGRODEP's membership and activities; we thank you all for your hard work and participation, and look forward to further collaboration in 2013.

The AGRODEP team would like to take this opportunity to launch the AGRODEP 2012 Special Award. This award is open to AGRODEP members as a reward for excellent publications in 2012 and as an incentive for further publications in the coming year.

AGRODEP members are eligible for this award if they published: a paper between January and December 2012. Three types of publications will be considered: peer review publications (journal articles, books, or book chapters), non-peer review publications (working, discussion, or technical papers), and international conference papers with a selection committee (e.g. CSAE, GTAP, AAAE, etc.).

The author(s) of the publication must have participated in at least one AGRODEP activity in 2012. AGRODEP will accept single author publications, co-author publications with an alphabetical listing of names, and co-author publications with a non-alphabetical listing of name as long as at least one AGRODEP member is in the first or second position.

The award amount is: US $3,000

Interested members should submit their research publication here. Applications will be accepted until January 31, 2013 and the selected publication will be announced on February 28, 2013.