Agricultural Technology Adoption and Impact Analysis

Event Date
Dakar, Senegal
AGRODEP, together with the Fondation pour Les Études et Recherches Sur le Développement International (FERDI) and CORAF, is pleased to announce a training course on Agricultural Technology Adoption and Impact Analysis.

Objective and Training Content

The objective of this course is to build capacity of African researchers and policy-makers for the design of agricultural policies and their evaluations. Despite greater availability of knowledge and inputs at the farmer-level, adoption of modern agricultural technologies remains low in Sub-Saharan Africa. Policies and programs to address these issues are too often scaled-up without careful piloting and causal evaluation. At the same time, experimentation by researchers is seldom conducted in partnership with policy makers, limiting the outreach of generated results. This situation contributes to the limited effectiveness of policies to support agricultural technology adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa. The objective of the training is to support researchers and policymakers in the design of experimental evaluations of interventions seeking to support adoption of agricultural technologies. 
The training will rest on an innovative approach, wherein participants will be guided to build a project proposal and an evaluation plan which can be later submitted to a call for impact evaluation proposals. Half of the participants will be composed of African researchers with prior knowledge of impact evaluation techniques. The other half will be composed of policymakers or project leaders. Project teams will be composed of one researcher and one policymaker proposed by candidates before. Participating teams have been selected based on a presentation of their proposed project, alongside with CVs of both the researcher and the policymaker. Training will be offered in English.
The training will cover four main aspects:
  • Theoretical and empirical evidence on the issue of agricultural technology adoption.
  • Theory and method for the conduct of impact evaluation through randomized control trials and other methods
  • Building research projects on addressing constraints to technology adoption, related to:
    • Information, networks and extension
    • Risk and insurance
    • Credit and liquidity
    • Output markets and profitability
    • Other constraints
  • Elaboration of one project proposal per team


Tanguy Bernard (IFPRI), Alain de Janvry (UC Berkeley), and Elisabeth Sadoulet (UC Berkeley)