2014 GTAP Conference: 17th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis

Event Date
Dakar, Senegal

AGRODEP recently played a leading role in the 17th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis, held from June 18-20 in Dakar, Senegal. The event brought together 194 economists from 52 countries to discuss issues of food policy, trade, and economic vulnerability, with a particular focus on Africa. Twenty AGRODEP members received sponsorship to attend the conference and present their work during three days of parallel sessions, which supported the conference organizers’ major goal of strong representation from African scholars. “From the beginning, we recognized the importance of connecting African researchers to this credible, high-quality international research network,” said Antoine Bouet of MTID. Fifty participants came from across Africa, and forty of them received scholarships to attend from UNECAWTO, AGRODEP, and IFPRI’s Food Security Portal.

AGRODEP also held two CGE training courses in tandem with the conference in order to encourage and increase AGRODEP attendance. The first section of the course, “Advanced CGE Modeling: PEP and IFPRI Models”, was held on June 16-17 and provided an in-depth look at two static, single-country general equilibrium models: the IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute) standard model and the PEP (Partnership for Economic Policy) 1-1 model.  The second session, “Advanced CGE Modeling: Models of Regional Trade Integration”, was held on June 22 and was co-sponsored by the World Bank. This session focused on innovative CGE software developed by the World Bank for the analysis of trade policy modeling in East Africa, as well as on new datasets on trade costs and their assessment in CGE models. A total of 15 AGRODEP members attended one or both of the courses.