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The Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (CAIT) by World Resources Institute is a set of comprehensive and comparable greenhouse gas inventories, together with other climate-related indicators. CAIT can be used to analyze a wide range of climate-related data questions and help support policy decisionmaking and discussions under the Climate Convention and in other forums.

CAIT was last updated in May 2012. The site now includes data through 2008 in the International and U.S. data sets and through 2009 in the UNFCCC data set. Read on for more about the emissions, energy, economic, and other information available, or visit CAIT to see the latest data.

  • CAIT International includes comprehensive socio-economic and natural resource indicators, together with the most complete set of international GHG inventories available, compiled from internationally recognized agencies.
  • CAIT UNFCCC provides similar capabilities using inventories submitted by countries to the UNFCCC Secretariat in their National Communications.
  • CAIT V&A features indicators and analysis tools designed to inform policy discussions concerning vulnerability and adaptive capacity.
  • CAIT-U.S. provides U.S. state-level GHG inventories and indicators for state-level climate policy analysis.

Additionally, there are several dozen charts and figures available in the CAIT charts area suitable for use in print or presentations. Many of these are taken from Navigating the Numbers.

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Google’s Public Data Explorer is a new tool that visualizes large data sets with interactive charts and maps. To view the data, select countries, Greenhouse gas types, and sectors. Data is not avilable for downloading.