Nhamo, Senia

2015 Member
University of South Africa
Nationality: Zimbabwe
Current Country: South Africa
Dr. Senia Nhamo is a citizen of Zimbabwe. She has been an AGRODEP member since July 2015. At present, Senia is a Senior Lecturer of Economics at the University of South Africa. In this position, Senia is an Econometrics, Environmental Economics and Microeconomics Lecturer and supervises Masters and PhD students. She also conducts research on the economic empowerment of women in fragile states, green growth indicators, Agenda 2063 for Africa. Before joining University of South Africa, Senia worked for the Department of Taxes, Ministry of Finance, Zimbabwe (Now ZIMRA). She holds a BS in Economics from University of Zimbabwe, a MA in Economics from University of Botswana, and a Ph.D. in Economics from University of the Witwatersrand. She is specialized in Applied Econometrics. She is interested in inclusive economic growth, and conducts research on the economic empowerment of women across Africa, with particular emphasis on fragile states. The Agenda 2063 for Africa is her other area of focus where she is studying closely the first ten year plans, their targets versus the status quo in African countries and across the eight regional economic communities recognized by the African Union.


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