Announcement on AGRODEP Grants for Innovative Research

Event Date: 
15 Nov, 2011 

AGRODEP recently granted conditional approval to fourteen grant proposals submitted by AGRODEP members in response to the competitive call for proposals for innovative research launched in June of 2011 (see the AGRODEP Grant Program for more details). 

The conditional approval means that the authors will have to incorporate a set of modifications in the final versions of the project proposal for the grants to be fully approved. The grant applicants have been contacted individually by the AGRODEP management team with specific remarks and requested modifications for their proposals.

Six of the selected proposals fall under the CAADP category and grants for these proposals will cover two-years of research.

The goal of the grants falling under the CAADP category is to identify the existing policies proposed and implemented under the CAADP Agenda and to perform a systematic assessment that identifies the major bottlenecks affecting the efficiency of such policies.

The policy impact assessment will be done in two stages:

  • Stage 1 (research from October 2011 to September 2012): Assessment of existing bottlenecks affecting the efficiency of the policies proposed and implemented under the CAADP Agenda. Collection of statistical data and identification of the key tools needed to assess the effectiveness of these policies and the effects of reducing or removing the bottlenecks identified.
  • Stage 2 (research from October 2012 to September 2013): Simulation of the costs and benefits of removing the bottlenecks identified. Recommendations for removing these bottlenecks to improve the effectiveness of CAADP policies. 

Congratulations to the grantees!


Grant Category




Analysis of Sudan -Egypt cross Border Live Camel Trade, The case of River Nile State

Shams E. H. Ahmed; Raga, M. Elzaki; Mutasim M. Elrasheed


Rainfall and economic growth: evidence from Senegal and Burkina Faso?

Joseph François Cabral


Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Productivity and Food Security in Eastern and Southern Africa

Vinaye D. Ancharaz

Mounir Balloumi


Extreme Climate Deviations, Cereal Yield and Food Security in Nigeria: A Tracer Study

Olumuyiwa B. Alaba


Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Food Crops Production in Mauritius

Indranarain Ramlall


Implications of high commodity prices on poverty reduction in Ethiopia and policy options under an agriculture-led development strategy

Lulit Mitik Beyene


Product Standards and Africa’s Agriculture Exports

Olayinka Idowu Kareem


Trade Reform and quality upgrading: a Product Level Analysis

Marko Kwaramba


Analysis of Impact of Climate Change on Growth and Yield of Yam and Cassava and Adaptation Strategies by the Crops Farmers in Southern Nigeria

Nnaemeka Chukwuone


Tariff Structure Under the ECOWAS Common External Tariff and the Competitiveness of the Agricultural and Manufacturing Sectors: Evidence from Nigeria

Patterson C. Ekeocha

Godwin A. Abu


Construction d’une matrice de comptabilité sociale avec des branches et produits agricoles désagrégés

Akoété Ega Agbodji


Agricultural Efficiency, External Price Shocks and Poverty in Sudan: A Computable General Equilibrium Model Analysis

Azharia A. Elbushra; Raga M. Elzaki; Ibrahim Suliman; Osman  Babikir


Foreign Aid and Agricultural Growth  in SSA: A dynamic Specification

Reuben Adeolu Alabi


Construction of SAM for Kenya 2010

Miriam W. O. Omolo