Are Training Subsidies for Firms Effective? The Michigan Experience

Harry J. Holzer, Richard N. Block, Marcus Cheatham, and Jack H. Knott
Cornell University, School of Industrial & Labor Relations

This paper explores the effects of a state-financed training grant program for manufacturing firms in Michigan. Using a three-year panel of data from a unique survey of firms that applied for these grants, the authors estimate the effects of receipt of a grant on total hours of training in the firm and the product scrap rate. They find that receipt of these grants is associated with a large and significant, though one-time, increase in training hours, and with a more lasting reduction in scrap rates.

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Holzer, H.J., R.N. Block, M.Cheatham and J.H. Knott. 1993. "Are Training Subsidies for Firms Effective? The Michigan Experience," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 49(4): 625-636.