Stata Online Training Modules

Manuel Barron and and Pia Basurto


Stata proficiency is required for many of our AGRODEP training courses.  We created 5 training modules that present basic skills and commands that AGRODEP members should be familiar with. Each module covers a different topic, and topics range from very basic Stata use to advanced commands. These modules do not introduce the econometrics associated with the commands, only an overview of how to use specific Stata commands. 

AGRODEP members of all skill levels are encouraged to review the materials presented here.


Training Module 1: Introduction to Stata

Module 1 is intended for members with minimal Stata training. It introduces how to open and use .dta files and .do files and covers basic operators frequently used in Stata such as "if", "or", and "not". Users will also learn to use basic commands including counting and summarizing data.

Training Module 2: Basic Data Management, Graphs, and Log-Files

Module 2 is intended for users with minimal Stata training. This module covers basic variable generation, data sorting, and graphical analysis. It also gives instructions for creating log files.

Training Module 3: Linear Regressions

Module 3 covers basic linear regressions and how to predict values, as well as the creation of dummy and instrumental variables. The basics of exporting regression results into tables are also presented. 

Training Module 4: Bivariate Regressions

Module 4 introduces probit and logit commands as well as several post regression commands. This module assumes you have a basic working knowledge of Stata.

Training Module 5: Panel Data Regressions

Module 5 introduces how to use panel data and run several forms of regressions. This module assumes you have a basic working knowledge of Stata.

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