Bayoumi, Shaymaa

2010 Member
Ministry of Trade and Industry, Egypt
Nationality: Egypt
Current Country: Egypt
Shaymaa Mahmoud is a citizen of Egypt. She has been an AGRODEP member since October 2010. At present, Shaymaa is a Senior Economic Analyst at the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Egypt. In this position, she analyzes the impact of trade negotiations on Egyptian economic interests. In addition, she participated in drafting Egypt's Negotiations positions in different fields of the World Trade Organization package and bilateral trade agreements. She also conducts research and drafts legal analytical memos on trade remedies cases. She holds a B.A. degree in Economics and Political Science, English from Cairo University, an M.A. in Business Administration and International Markets form Arab Academy for Science and Technology, as well as a  Ph.D. in International and Comparative Law from the American University in Cairo. Her research interests include economics, law, international trade, trade agreements, and dispute settlement.


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