Titre Description
8 Juin, 2011 - John Ele-Ojo Ataguba
- Daniel Ayalew Ali, Klaus Deininger, Marguerite Duponchel

Although the potentially negative impacts of credit constraints on economic development have long been discussed conceptually, empirical evidence for Africa remains limited. This study uses a direct elicitation approach for a national sample of...

6 Juin, 2011 - Indranarain Ramlall
13 Jan, 2012 - Tewodaj Mogues and Samuel Benin

Using rich panel data on all of Ghana’s districts’ local public finances over 11 years, this paper investigates the way that intergovernmental and other transfers to local governments affect local governments’ incentives to...

- Asli Demirgüç-Kunt and Leora Klapper

This paper summarizes financial inclusion across Africa. First, it provides a brief overview of the African financial sector landscape. Second, it uses the Global Financial Inclusion Indicators (Global Findex) database to characterize adults in...

- Tendai Gwatidzo and Kalu Ojah

We use a World Bank survey data on the financing of incremental production to examine firms’ debt choice decision in eleven African countries, where capital markets are evolving and/or fraught with inadequate institutional infrastructure....

7 Juin, 2011 - Johannes A. Tabi and Njong M.A.
25 Jan, 2012 - Clemens Breisinger, Xinshen Diao, Rainer Schweikert, Manfred Wiebelt


6 Juin, 2011 - Reuben Adeolu ALABI
7 Juin, 2011 - Patterson Chukwuemeka Ekeocha