Balancing a Social Accounting Matrix: Theory and Application

Ismael Fofana, Andre Lemelin, and John Cockburn
Universite Laval

Computable general equilibrium modeling requires a consistent and coherent benchmark data set, which are generally organized in the form of a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM). These data generally come from quite diverse sources and correspond to different periods of time. As  a result, the often present inconsistencies. We present a simple computer program that makes it possible to reconcile this information in order to balance a SAM. The program minimizes the changes to the base data using various optimizing techniques, including cross-entropy and least squares. The program is an attractive and easy alternative to the arbitrary and time consuming manual and other methods generally used to balance SAMs.

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I. Fofana, A. Lemelin and J. Cockburn (2005), Balancing a Social Accounting Matrix: Theory and Application, Mimeo, CIRPEE et PEP, Université Laval.