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CountrySTAT Zambia 

CountrySTAT is a statistical framework and applied information system for analysis and policy-making designed in order to organize, integrate and disseminate statistical data and metadata on food and agriculture coming from different sources.

CountrySTAT gathers and harmonizes scattered institutional statistical information so that information tables become compatible with each other at the country level and with data at the international level. The main objectives are to facilitate decision-maker's access to information and to bind data sources that are currently spread throughout the different institutions.
The CountrySTAT approach is based on the application of data and metadata standards of FAOSTAT and GAUL (Global Administrative Unit Layers). Many countries have shown interest and are adopting it into their national statistical system. Furthermore, CountrySTAT is accompanied by a capacity-building strategy at country level to make the system sustainable in the long-term. CountrySTAT is networking with FAOSTAT and other sister information systems like FENIX.


CountrySTAT Zambia

Coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, through the department of Policy and Planning, Agriculture Statistics and Policy Section which is responsible for the execution of the CountrySTAT project in Zambia in Collaboration with the Central Statistical Office (CSO) which currently has the mandate to produce and publish all official statistics for the Government According to the Census and Statistics Act of the Laws of Zambia. CSO is currently a department within the Ministry of Finance and National Planning. The CSO generates statistics independently and jointly with other Government ministries and agencies.


Key Indicators:  http://www.fao.org/in-action/countrystat/en/

Metadata: http://www.fao.org/in-action/countrystat/en/

All Tables: http://www.fao.org/in-action/countrystat/en/


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19 Oct, 2011 
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27 Nov, 2012 
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Free to use, modify and distribute with due credits and citation.