Ghana Living Standards Survey - 5th Round

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Ghana GLSS5 
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GLSS5 is the fifth round of the Ghana Living Standards Survey. The first Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS) was conducted in 1987. The second, third and fourth rounds followed in 1988, 1991/92 ,1998/99 and 2005/2006 respectively. The previous rounds of GLSS have always had a specific focus. In the fifth round, the Non-Farm Household Enterprises Module was made the focus and additional sections covering Tourism, Migrants and Remittances were introduced. It focuses on the household as a key socio-economic unit and provides valuable insights into living conditions in Ghana. This was to make available relevant data for policy and decision makers to measure socio-economic indicators and appreciate their determinants. Programmes could then be drawn to address challenges identified in sectors of the economy such as health, education, economic activities and housing among others. Living Standards surveys have therefore come to provide valuable insights into living conditions of developing countries.

The objectives of the Ghana Living Standards Survey- Round Five are to:

  • Provide insight into living standards in Ghana by providing data to facilitate in-depth analysis of the living conditions of households.

  • Provide information on patterns of household consumption and expenditure at a sub-regional levels of disaggregation.

  • Provide data on total earnings, hours of work, etc., for in-depth study of differentials among branches of industry, sectors of employment, occupations at geographic areas, levels and between women and men.

  • Provide the basis for the construction of the consumer price index.

  • Update the National Accounts and

  • Provide databases for national and regional level planning and poverty monitoring.

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Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS)-2005, version 2.0, Ghana Statistical Service 
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1 Jan, 2005 
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3 Oct, 2008 
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May not be distributed to non AGRODEP Network Members. 
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Access to data must be requested through the GSS.

Data can also be requested and accessed through the World Bank.