COMESA FAMIS Production Data

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COMESA FAMIS Production Data 

The Food and Agriculture Market Information System (FAMIS) is an electronic web based information system that captures trade information for major tradable commodities in the COMESA region. It aims at improving agricultural marketing through the dissemination of market information, policy changes and impacts in order to enhance decision making by all stake-holders thereby improving policy implementation in Member States.

Production data, located here, includes information on production of crops, livestock, fishery products, and fertilizers.

First released on: 
13 Fév, 2013 
Last version on: 
13 Fév, 2013 
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Free to use, modify and distribute with due credits and citation. 
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Complete query by selecting commodity, country, and year. Data will be visible directly on the website and can be downloaded in a .xls file.