Burundi Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis Assessment 2008

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The overall objective of the 2008 Burundi Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analyses (CFSVA) is to analyze the food security and vulnerability conditions of population groups and communities, and to provide baseline information to WFP decision makers and other actors focusing on food insecurity.
  • Who are the people at risk of food insecurity?
  • How many are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • Why are they food insecure?
  • How can food assistance and other interventions make a difference in reducing poverty, hunger and supporting livelihoods?
The specific objectives of the Burundi CFSVA where to:
  • Identify geographic and socio-economic groups that are food insecure or vulnerable to food insecurity;
  • Identify the nature and causes of food insecurity among each group;
  • Identify the major risks and constraints to improving food security;
  • Evaluate assistance needs at the short, medium and long range;
  • Support the development of an appropriate targeting system;
  • Better define the role of WFP and its partners in promoting food security strengthening programs.
The CFSVA process generates a document that describes the food security status of various segments of a population over various parts of a country or region, analyses the underlying causes of vulnerability, and recommends appropriate interventions to deal with the problems. CFSVAs are undertaken in all crisis-prone food-insecure countries. The shelf life of CFSVAs is determined by the indicators being collected and reported. In most situations, CFSVA findings are valid for three to five years, unless there are drastic food security changes in the meantime. This is the second CFSVA produced for Burundi.
A comprehensive overview of the results of the 2008 Burundi CFSVA is available here.
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31 Déc, 2008 
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31 Déc, 2008 
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Data from the 2008 Burundi CFSVA must be requested through the World Food Programme Household Survey Catalog. Login or register here to request access.