BOOST Dataset - Burundi

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The data included in the Burundi BOOST government expenditure database is from 2013 to 2015 and comprises of expenditures executed by different agencies of the central government.

The national budget classification contains two levels of administrative classification, four levels of economic classification, and one level of geographic classification. The data also classifies the investment projects financed by the state. The Burundi budget and expenditure cycle conforms to the normal francophone expenditure process Engagement, Liquidation, Ordonnancement, Paiement.


The BOOST program seeks to enhance accessibility and use of fiscal data for enhanced expenditure analysis as an input to improved budget processes and outcomes.  A critical component of the initiative is a meticulous process of collecting, cleaning and vetting expenditure data to ensure that data is timely, comprehensive and reliable.

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22 Avr, 2016 
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22 Avr, 2016 
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Free to use, modify and distribute with due credits and citation. 
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To access data, go to the main Burundi BOOST page, and use Data Links and Resource Links on the left column of the page.