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Uganda NHS02 
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The Uganda National Household Survey II (UNHS 2002/2003) implemented by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) from May 2002 to April 2003 is a Priority Survey supported by the World Bank. It covered a wide range of topics including socio-demographic and economic characteristics of the population.

The UNHS 2002/03 adopted a stratified two-stage sampling design with the selection of the Enumeration Areas (EAs) at the first stage and selection of the household as the ultimate stage of selection. The Enumerations Areas were those of the the 2002 Population and Housing Census.  The districts were the stratum and were divided into rural and urban sub-strata. Then, the urban sub-strata were divided into district town and other urban areas. The first sampling units were allocated between urban and rural areas in the proportion of 40/60. Then urban and rural sample were allocated between the strata in proportion to the number of households, the allocated sample being selected with probability proportional to number of households. At the second stage, in each EA, households were divided into 2 groups: households with at least one unemployed person and households with no unemployed person. The survey covered a total sample of 9,711 households in 972 EAs.

The survey collected information on the economic characteristics of the population and its activity status at the household level. The main objective was to collect high quality and timely data on population and socio-economic characteristics of households for monitoring development performance. The UNHS 2002/2003 focused on four modules namely the Socio-economic, Labour force, the Informal Sector, and Community modules. The survey covered 55 districts of Uganda, with some parts of Gulu and Kitgum districts not fully covered due to insecurity. Pader District was not covered at all. Indicators on population characteristics, labourforce participation rates, education, health, household expenditure and poverty among others have been presented at national, regional and rural-urban levels.

Information on UNHS 2005/2006 (round 3) can be found here.

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Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Uganda National Household Survey 2002/2003, Version 1.0 of the data set (November 2006), provided by UBOS 
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31 Oct, 2003 
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1 Nov, 2006 
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