Tunisia - Urban Youth Survey 2012

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TUN 2012 UYS 

Tunisia Urban Youth Survey (UYS) was conducted in 2012. The survey was conceived by a group of Tunisian professors and students, called Projet Citoyen, from various universities in Tunisia, particularly from Ecole Superieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales de Tunis (ESSECT). Motivated by the observed differences between different parts of the country, including neighborhoods in the Grand Tunis area, the aim of the survey was to scientifically understand urban inequality, with a specific focus on economic opportunities for young people. This effort led to collaboration between the Tunisian National Statistical Office (Institut National de la Statistique or INS), the General Commissariat for Regional Development, and the World Bank. The INS provided the sampling frame, the commissariat, as the main government counterpart, provided guidance for the scope of the survey and its urban focus, and the World Bank provided technical and financial support.

The study focuses on spatial patterns of unemployment, economic activity, migration, access to basic services and shocks; job search methods and the effectiveness of active labor market programs; attitudes of young people to government and the economy; and time use and activities of young people.

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Tunisian Institut National de la Statistique. Tunisia Urban Youth Survey 2012, Ref. TUN_2012_UYS_v01_M_PUF. Dataset downloaded from [url] on [date]. 
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24 Sep, 2015 
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24 Sep, 2015 
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