Nigeria 2014 Teacher Development Programme Impact Evaluation, Baseline

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NGA 2014 Teacher Devel IE 

The Nigeria Teacher Development Programme (TDP) In-Service Training Component Impact Evaluation 2014 is aimed to increase the effectiveness of teachers and thus raise primary and junior secondary school (JSS) pupil learning levels, through support to the Federal and State institutions responsible for pre- and in-service training and development of basic education teachers. The programme has the following three components:

  • In-service teacher training in the three core curriculum subjects of English, maths, and science & technology (S&T) for primary and JSS teachers;
  • Pre-service teacher training; and
  • Results & evidence-based research.

Schools eligible for TDP intervention are state (public) schools, excluding Integrated Quranic, Tsangaya Education (IQTE) schools, and special schools for children with disabilities.

The programme is being implemented in two phases (phase 1 covering Jigawa, Katsina and Zamfara (2013-2019) and phase 2 covering Kaduna and Kano (2016-2019)). 

The three key objectives of the phase 1 IE quantitative baseline survey were to:

  • Establish baseline levels of teacher effectiveness and pupil learning before the start of TDP's in-service training, and to check that the IE's randomisation design yielded a valid counterfactual.
  • Inform and allow for potential adjustments to TDP design and implementation as deemed appropriate by the programme and DFID-Nigeria; and
  • Guide and interact with the qualitative baseline research by providing information on the situation prior to the start of the TDP as well as to allow for more in-depth examination of unanticipated quantitative findings.
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Oxford Policy Management Ltd. Nigeria Teacher Development Programme In-Service Training Impact Evaluation Baseline Survey (TDPITCIE-BL) 2014, Ref. NGA_2014_TDPITCIE-BL_v01_M. Dataset downloaded from [url] on [date]. 
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23 Nov, 2016 
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23 Nov, 2016 
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