Namibia Labour Force Survey 2012

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NAM 2012 LFS 

The Namibia Labour Force Survey (NLFS) is a household-based sample survey. Namibia's first Labour Force Survey was conducted in 1997, and the survey has been conducted every 4 years since then, by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MoLSW). The NLFS 2012 is the first Labour Force Survey conducted by the new Namibia Statistics Agency, established as an autonomous National Statistics Office in 2011. 

The survey collected data on the composition of households and particulars of each household member, dwelling type, and number of domestic workers. Person level data collected included education levels, employment status and employment history, working hours and other working conditions, self-employment, unemployment and job-seeking, and income data (individual and household).

Final reports and the official press release are available here through the Namibia Statistics Agency.

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Namibia Statistics Agency. Namibia Labour Force Survey 2012 [dataset]. Version 1. Windhoek: Namibia Statistics Agency [producer and distributor], 2013. 
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9 Apr, 2013 
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9 Apr, 2013 
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Prior to downloading the dataset for the Namibia Labour Force Survey, a request must be made through the NSA.  The request form is located here.