Ghana Feed the Future Baseline Survey

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GHA FTF Baseline 
The Feed the Future (FTF) programme started in Ghana in mid-2011 and is being implemented in the three northernmost regions of Ghana namely: Upper West, Upper East, and Northern Region, as well as some selected areas in Brong Ahafo Region that lie above the 8th degree parallel. These areas are designated as the FTF Zone of Influence (FTF ZOI). USAID/Ghana's focus on these areas is based on national estimates that indicate that the incidence of poverty, malnutrition, and stunting among children less than five years of age is disproportionately high in these areas. Therefore, by focusing on these areas, the programme seeks to have greater impact than could be anticipated if the programme was thinly spread throughout the country.
The overall objective of the survey is to provide baseline data on the prevalence of poverty, per capita expenditures, nutritional status, women's empowerment, household hunger, dietary diversity and infant and young child feeding behaviours. To achieve this goal, data is being collected on the following key elements:
  • Comprehensive household demographic information
  • Dwelling characteristics
  • Consumption expenditure
  • Food Security (Household Hunger Scale)
  • Women's Dietary Diversity
  • Women's Anthropometry
  • Women's Empowerment in Agriculture (WEA)
  • Breastfeeding and Minimum adequate diet
  • Children's Anthropometry
This survey is being implemented through the collaborative efforts of the USAID-Ghana Monitoring Evaluation and Technical Support Services (METSS) program, Kansas State University (KSU), University of Cape Coast (UCC), the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) at the University of Ghana, and the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS). The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and USAID are providing technical support. To protect the personal information of respondents, all personal identifiable information was removed, and the final dataset has been approved for publication by the Government of Ghana.
More information on the Feed the Future programme in Ghana is available here.
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29 Apr, 2013 
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29 Apr, 2013 
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Data is freely available for download in a zip file without registration.