Democratic Republic of the Congo 2006 Micro-Enterprise Survey

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COD 2006 Micro-Enterprise Survey 

The 2006 Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Micro-Enterprise Survey was conducted in May 2006 alongside the 2006 DRC Enterprise Survey. The Micro-Enterprise survey targeted small, private, non-agricultural firms with fewer than 5 employees. Data from 104 establishments were analyzed.

Micro-Enterprise Survey topics include firm characteristics, gender participation, access to finance, annual sales, costs of inputs/labor, workforce composition, bribery, licensing, infrastructure, trade, crime, competition, capacity utilization, land and permits, taxation, informality, business-government relations, innovation and technology, and performance measures. The questionnaire also assesses the respondents' opinions on what are the obstacles to firm growth and performance.

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Enterprise Analysis Unit - World Bank Group 
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1 May, 2006 
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1 May, 2006 
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May not be distributed to non AGRODEP Network Members. 
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Prior to downloading the dataset for the 2006 DRC Micro-Enterprise Survey, a request must be made through Enterprise Surveys.  The request form is located here.