Congo, Rep. Enterprise Survey 2009

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COG Enterprise Survey 2009 

The Republic of the Congo 2009 Enterprise Survey an Indicator Survey conducted from Sept. 15, 2008, to Feb. 13, 2009, as part of the Enterprise Survey initiative. An Indicator Survey is similar to an Enterprise Survey; it is implemented for smaller economies where the sampling strategies inherent in an Enterprise Survey are often not applicable due to the limited universe of firms.

The objective of the survey is to obtain feedback from enterprises on the state of the private sector as well as to help in building a panel of enterprise data that will make it possible to track changes in the business environment over time, thus allowing, for example, impact assessments of reforms. Through interviews with firms in the manufacturing and services sectors, the survey assesses the constraints to private sector growth and creates statistically significant business environment indicators that are comparable across countries.

Questionnaire topics include firm characteristics, gender participation, access to finance, annual sales, costs of inputs/labor, workforce composition, bribery, licensing, infrastructure, trade, crime, competition, land and permits, taxation, business-government relations, performance measures, AIDS and sickness.

Technical documents for this survey are located here.

An overview of Congo business environment indicators is located here.

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Enterprise Analysis Unit - World Bank Group 
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1 Feb, 2009 
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1 Feb, 2009 
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May not be distributed to non AGRODEP Network Members. 
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Prior to downloading the dataset for the Congo, Rep. Enterprise Survey, a request must be made through Enterprise Surveys.  The request form is located here.