2014 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey (DHS)

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EGY 2014 DHS 

The 2014 Egypt DHS (EDHS) is designed to provide data for monitoring the population and health situation in Egypt. The 2014 EDHS is the tenth Demographic and Health Survey conducted in Egypt since 1988, and the objective of the survey was to provide reliable estimates of fertility, contraceptive use, infant and child mortality, child health, immunization coverage, maternal health, nutrition, and anemia. In addition, the survey was designed to provide information on female circumcision, domestic violence, and children’s welfare.

A nationally representative sample of 21,762 ever-married women in selected households in 28,175 of the selected households were interviewed. This represents a response rate of 99% for ever-married women. The sample design for the 2014 EDHS provides estimates at the national and regional levels, and for urban and rural areas. The sample also allows for estimates of many indicators at the governorate level.

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26 Sep, 2016 
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26 Sep, 2016 
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