2006 Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey

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The Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey 2006 (ELMPS06) is the first full-fledged panel study of its scale in Egypt. This panel follows a nationally representative sample of 4,816 households visited in 1998, households that split from that sample, plus a refresher sample of 2,500 households. The total number of households reached in 2006 is 8,349. The ELMPS06 provides estimates of employment, unemployment and underemployment. The survey also collects information on job characteristics, mobility, and earnings. Collected data covers issues of household socio-economic characteristics, demographic characteristics, family enterprises and women’s status and work. A separate community level questionnaire has been administered to collect data on access to services and work opportunities in sampled localities. This report provides information on the different methodological issues related to the survey including sampling, questionnaire design, training of field staff, data collection, office review, and data entry.

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Economic Research Forum and the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), Egypt labor Market Panel Survey 2006 (ELMPS06), Version 1.0 of the Licensed data files (April 2013), provided by the Economic Research Forum. http://www.erfdataportal.com/index.php/catalog 
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1 Apr, 2013 
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1 Apr, 2013 
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