South Africa Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) Statistics

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AMIS is a G20 initiative. It is a global agricultural market information system that concerns itself with matters relating to wheat, maize (corn), rice and soybeans. It aims to enhance food market outlook information, by strengthening collaboration and dialogue among main producing, exporting and importing countries, commercial enterprises and international organizations. Participants in AMIS include G20 countries, Spain and non-G20 countries who hold a significant share in global production and trade of commodities covered by AMIS.

South Africa AMIS Statistics gives access to the latest data on production, trade, utilization and ending season stocks for different commodities currently covered by AMIS (currently wheat, maize, rice and soybeans) from multiple databases such as FAOSTATFAO-CBS (FAO-Commodity Balance Sheets), and USDA-PSD (USDA-Production, Supply, and Distribution database).

First released on: 
1 Jan, 2012 
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1 Jan, 2012 
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Free to use, modify and distribute with due credits and citation. 
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Go to AMIS data homepage, click on a country on the interactive world map to view a market summary, then click "Extract Data to Excel" button to download CSV format data.

Data can also be downloaded using AMIS download query, which can be found by clicking "Download Data" tag on the AMIS data homepage.