Angola 2006-07 Malaria Indicator Survey (MIS) Data

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AGO 2006-07 MIS 

The 2006-07 Angola Malaria Indicator Survey (AMIS) was conducted under the auspices of the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) within the Ministry of Health (MOH). It was implemented by two private organizations, the Consultoria de Serviços e Pesquisas–COSEP, Consultoria, Lda. and the Consultoria de Gestão e Administração em Saúde–Consaúde, Lda. This is the first survey of its kind in Angola, and the realization of a standardized household survey constitutes an important landmark in the reinclusion of the country into the international community.

The AMIS includes key information on household characteristics, such as the composition of the population, levels of water and sanitation, and possession of goods. It also collected information on the education and literacy of women as well as fertility and reproductive health (antenatal care and delivery). Since the survey is specific to malaria, it asked questions on indoor residual spraying and on the availability and use of mosquito nets in the household. Women were asked whether they were given medicine for prevention and treatment of malaria during pregnancy. Finally, women were asked whether their children had recently had fever and what medicines they were given.

The survey collected blood samples for two important biomarkers: anemia and malaria. Anemia was assessed among women age 15-49 and children under age five, using a portable photometer. Malaria was assessed among pregnant women age 15-49 and children under age five using a rapid diagnostic test
and a microscopic test in a subsample. All individuals who tested positive for malaria were given treatment on the spot.
The final report is available here.
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Consultoria de Serviços e Pesquisas-COSEP Lda., Consultoria de Gestão e Administração em Saúde-Consaúde Lda. [Angola], and Macro International Inc: Angola Malaria Indicator Survey 2006-07. Calverton, Maryland: COSEP Lda., Consaúde Lda., and Macro International Inc; 2007. 
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1 Nov, 2007 
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1 Nov, 2007 
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