2004 Botswana Agricultural Census Report Data

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2004 Botswana Agricultural Census  

The 2004 Agricultural Census was conducted following the drought season and hence the agricultural holdings decreased by almost half when compared to the 1993 agricultural census figures. The most affected was the traditional sub-sector. Agricultural holdings decreased significantly by 49.3 percent, from 101,434 to 51,432 at the national level between 1993 and 2004 agricultural censuses. However, the commercial sector increased by 46.4 percent, from 507 to 742 agricultural holdings, while the traditional sector decreased by 49.8 percent, from 100,927 to 50,690 agricultural holdings. This might be due to unreliable rainfall resulting in recurrence of droughts, particularly because the 2004 agricultural census was conducted following a drought season.

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1 Feb, 2007 
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1 Feb, 2007 
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