AGRODEP Bulletin

AGRODEP released its first edition of the AGRODEP Bulletin, a publication providing insights into major economic development issues in Africa. The Bulletin is published by the African Growth and Development Policy (AGRODEP) Modeling Consortium. Its objective is to present research and capacity building activities undertaken by AGRODEP and announce the publication of new economic data and statistics on Africa.

AGRODEP is an initiative led by IFPRI in collaboration with CORAF, ASARECA, and FANRPAN. Its goal is to position African experts to take a leading role in both (1) the study of strategic development questions facing African countries as a group and (2) the broader agricultural growth and policy debate, which traditionally has been dominated by external actors and concerns.

While still growing, the Consortium currently brings together fifty five researchers from twenty one different countries of Africa who—through their research—seek to contribute to important policy debates affecting the future of the continent. AGRODEP provides its members with free access to cutting-edge economic research tools, data, and training as well as opportunities to apply for competitive research grants.

Membership is available to qualified researchers from Africa who currently live and work in the region. The third round of membership application is now open until March 15, 2012. Interested candidates can apply at:

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