Kamande, Mercyline

2011 Member
Mount Kenya University, Kigali
Nationality: Kenya
Current Country: Rwanda
Dr. Mercyline Kamande has been an AGRODEP member since April 2011. Dr. Kamande is an econometrician by training with an MA (Economics) and a PhD (Economics) from the University of Dares Salaam. She also holds an advanced diploma in Information Technology from IMIS (UK). She is a seasoned quantitative data analyst with expertise and experience in the use of Stata and R for data analysis. She has a wealth of training in impact evaluation research including impact evaluation and analysis of development intervention, evaluation of interventions on agricultural technology adoption and randomized controlled trials. She is a senior lecturer of Economics and research mentor for postgraduate students. She currently serves as the Principal of Open, Distance and Electronic Learning in Mount Kenya University.


Google scholar citation page: Mercyline Kamande
ResearchGate ID: Mercyline Kamande