Ramlall, Indranarain

2011 Member
University of Mauritius
Nationality: Mauritius
Current Country: Mauritius
lndranarain Ramlall is a citizen of Mauritius. He has been an AGRODEP member since April 2011. At present, he is at the University of Mauritius where he teaches finance and econometrics and has special interests in modelling in different fields, financial risk management, traffic modelling, and economics of climate change. Ramlall holds a BSc degree in Economics and Finance from University of Mauritius and a Ph.D. in Finance. His other research interests include practical credit risk modeling, financial stability, currency risk modeling and DSGE. Prior to joining the University of Mauritius, Indranarain Ramlall has been working in the insurance and banking sector (State Bank of India, Mauritius, Anglo-Mauritius Financial Services Ltd and at the Bank of Mauritius).


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