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This presentation describes the technical aspect of MIRAGRODEP/ MIRAGE, discussing the usage of a multi-country CGE. It covers model closure and numeraire, trade policy issues, a case study, main features of MIRAGE, technical description of the...

10 Nov, 2011 - Food Security Portal
6 Juin, 2011 - Miguel Robles

This presentation discusses the impact of changes in food prices on household welfare.

7 Juin, 2011 - Nicholas Minot

This presentation discusses when and how price transmission occurs, as well as results of a study on the impacts of the global market on African food prices.

- Jody Harris and Scott Drimie

Due to the predominance of direct, specific interventions in nutrition for development, the health sector tends to own nutrition, with interventions customarily implemented through health programs. The premise that the agriculture sector should...

6 Juin, 2011 - Mercyline Kamande
- Harun Onder

The last decade has witnessed an increasing global awareness of human impact on the planet's climate and its likely consequences. However, strategic and structural complexities hinder further compliance and participation in efforts to...


The link between trade liberalization and product quality is both empirical and theoretically ambiguous. This paper tries to investigate this relationship for the case of South Africa manufacturing sector exports using highly disaggregated...