Titre Description
8 Juin, 2011 - Albert Makochekanwa

The main objective of the paper was to empirically investigate the possible impact of the DD effects on the economy of Botswana. The study tested the impacts of the diamond resource boom on the country’s manufacturing exports namely,...

6 Juin, 2011 - Akoété E. AGBODJI
8 Juil, 2011 - David Zilberman

This presentation discusses the effects of FDI on agricultural supply chains.

8 Juin, 2011 - Jo Swinnen

This presentation discusses the implications of foreign direct investment for agricultural development.

8 Juin, 2011 - G.A Abu, I. D. Ekpebu, and J.I. Okpe
6 Juin, 2011 - Victor Afari-Sefa

The relationship between infrastructure and economic development has been the subject of several theoretical and empirical studies. These studies showed in  large part a positive impact of infrastructure development on growth and income...

8 Juin, 2011 - Fatimata Dia Sow
6 Juin, 2011 - Miriam W. Omolo
6 Juin, 2011 - Mshenga, P. M, R. B. Richardson, B. K. Njehia, and E. A. Birachiand Birachi