Titre Description
6 Juin, 2011 - Ruth C. Taruss
8 Juil, 2011 - David Zilberman

This presentation discusses the effects of FDI on agricultural supply chains.

7 Juin, 2011 - Johannes A. Tabi and Njong M.A.
6 Juin, 2011 - Maximo Torero

This presentation discusses the state of existing data and tools to understand and mitigate food price and food security crises.

8 Juin, 2011 - Jo Swinnen

This presentation discusses the implications of foreign direct investment for agricultural development.

8 Juin, 2011 - G.A Abu, I. D. Ekpebu, and J.I. Okpe
7 Juin, 2011 - Shaymaa Bayoumi

To maintain an ever-increasing population level, much stress is exerted on the production of food crops. However, as at date, very little is known about how climate change is influencing the production of food crops in Mauritius, an...

6 Juin, 2011 - Victor Afari-Sefa