Titre Description
6 Juin, 2011 - Indranarain Ramlall
7 Juin, 2011 - Gbadebo Olusegun Odularu
6 Juin, 2011 - Youssouf Kone
6 Juin, 2011 - Akoété E. AGBODJI
7 Juin, 2011 - Djiby Dia, Aminata Ndour, Maam Suwadu Sakho-Jimbira, Cheickh Sadibou Fall, and Papa Nouhine Dièye
18 Jan, 2012 - Antoine Bouet, Carmen Estrades, and David Laborde

This presentation discribes motivations, data, model, illustrative results and next steps .

6 Juin, 2011 - Oscar Ingasia Ayuya and Job Kibiwot Lagat

The focus of this study is to apply systems approach to gather and analyse data on weather driven trends on growth status of maize in Nigeria. The study focuses on application of daily and in the least periodic data. It utilizes agronomic,...