Past Events

2013 Seed Fund Grants
1 Jan, 2013 - 31 Dec, 2013

After each AGRODEP course, participants are eligible to apply for a Seed Fund Grant. These grants are used to fund research related to the course. Proposals are evaluated by the course instructor(s) and the AGRODEP management team. A maximum of two proposals are selected from each course. 

Congratulations to the following members who were selected to receive Seed Fund Grants for training courses held in 2013!

2012 Training Course - Multi-Country, Multi-Sector General Equilibrium Analysis: MIRAGRODEP
17 Dec, 2012 - 19 Dec, 2012
Dakar, Senegal


General overview

The training course examines the global economy in its entirety, taking into account the interaction between all markets and income effects. It focuses on the simultaneous formation of equilibrium on all markets. In that sense, it is opposed to partial equilibrium analysis, which focuses on the clearance of the market of some specific goods independently of prices and quantities demanded and supplied in other markets.

2012 Training Course - GAMS-based Computable General Equilibrium Modeling (advanced)
3 Dec, 2012 - 5 Dec, 2012
Pretoria, South Africa




PEP is proud to offer models that are not only fully operational for applied studies but are also perfectly suitable for training. Indeed, the MPIA (Modelling and Policy Impact Analysis) team has made painstaking efforts to produce documentation that is complete, including references to theoretical underpinnings and detailed mathematical developments that link model equations and calibration procedures with the theory.

2012 Members' workshop
13 Nov, 2012
Dakar, Senegal

The annual AGRODEP Members' Workshop was also held on November 13 in Dakar. The workshop was attended by 13 AGRODEP members, three Network Advisory Committee (NAC) members, five SAB members, six SC members, and five members of the AGRODEP Team. Eleven AGRODEP members presented and received feedback on their research during the workshop. Ismael Fofana provided an overview of AGRODEP's achievements, while Antoine Bouet presented an overview of AGRODEP in the coming year.

2012 Training Course - Impact Evaluation and Analysis of Development Interventions
29 Oct, 2012 - 31 Oct, 2012
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Dakar, Senegal


General overview

From virtually none ten years ago, the number of impact evaluations related to development interventions has tremendously increased over the recent years. In fact, under the leadership of leading academic institutions, empirical studies based on robust comparisons of treatment and control groups have received considerable financial support from the donor community and led to several dozen publications in leading academic journals.

2012 Training Course - Household Survey Data: Sampling and Processing
8 Oct, 2012 - 10 Oct, 2012
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Dakar, Senegal

General overview

Over the last 20 years, micro-data have increasingly been used due to the sharp increase in computation power and rapid diffusion of personal computers. Alongside, statistical and econometric methods have been developed and readily tested to accommodate the needs of analysis and research, ranging from academia to national and international research institutions and think-tanks.

2012 Special Membership Call for Impact Evaluation Researchers
28 Sep, 2012 - 15 Oct, 2012

AGRODEP is pleased to announce its fourth round of membership extension.  For this particular call, we strongly encourage applications from researchers who are engaged in or are strongly interested in learning more about impact evaluation. To be considered for membership, applicants must meet the following criteria:

2012 Training Course - Panel Data Econometrics
24 Sep, 2012 - 28 Sep, 2012
International Food Policy Research Insitiute (IFPRI), Dakar, Senegal


General information

The course could be conceived in several ways:

23 Jun, 2012
IFPRI-Dakar office, Senegal

The Network Advisory Committee meeting (NAC) will be held on June 23 at the IFPRI-Dakar office in Senegal. The NAC is a consultative group of individuals representing key African institutions that are active in the area of economic growth and policy research and capacity building. The Committee provides advice to the Consortium on the content and delivery of networking activities.

22 May, 2012 - 16 Sep, 2012

African Growth and Development Policy (AGRODEP) Modeling Consortium is issuing its first annual call for competitive grant proposals to support research on emerging issues in Africa that have previously  received little or no attention.