Past Events

2014 Training Course - Productivity and Efficiency Analysis
15 Dec, 2014 - 19 Dec, 2014
University of Pretoria - Pretoria, South Africa


When we look at firms, we notice that the output of each can vary tremendously. If we assume that the firms are using the same technology, then what can account for such disparate outcomes. Productivity and efficiency analysis engages in exactly this exercise, discerning which firms are doing the best with the limited resources they have, and identifying which firms are lagging behind. Productivity and efficiency methods are widely used by regulators to monitor the behavior of firms in a given industry as well as to track performance over time of firms. Given the broad array of methods, coupled with myriad applications, accessing this literature can be daunting. This class will introduce students to the fundamentals of productivity and efficiency analysis. The class will also discuss in detail implementation of these models using the popular open source software R. The class will take place over five days to ensure maximum coverage of the core topics.

2014 Training Course - Evaluation of Public Policies
8 Dec, 2014 - 10 Dec, 2014
University of Pretoria - Pretoria, South Africa


The aim of the course is to introduce participants to recent methodological developments in the evaluation of public policies. These developments have shown that it is possible to circumvent most conceptual problems related to the evaluation of public policies under relatively innocuous assumptions. The importance of these developments has been underlined by the award of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2000 to James Heckman and Daniel McFadden, the two main contributors to the field.

2014 Innovative Research Grant
21 Oct, 2014 - 1 Dec, 2014

The AGRODEP Modeling Consortium is launching its annual competitive call for proposals for "innovative research."  Proposals for this grant will only be accepted from AGRODEP members. The theme of the 2014 call is:

Linking Country Policies to Agricultural Development Outcomes 

2014 Gaps in Research Grant
4 Aug, 2014 - 12 Sep, 2014

The African Growth and Development Policy (AGRODEP) Modeling Consortium is launching its 2014 grant season with a call for the Gaps in Research Grant. This is the third annual call for competitive grant proposals to support research on emerging issues in Africa. Proposals for this grant will be accepted from any researcher, regardless of AGRODEP membership status. Later this fall, a separate grant opportunity will be launched for AGRODEP members only.

2014 Training Course - Advanced CGE Modeling: Models of Regional Trade Integration
22 Jun, 2014
Dakar, Senegal


In this workshop, co-sponsored by the World Bank, the instructors will introduce and distribute innovative CGE software they have developed for the analysis of trade policy modeling in East Africa. They will also discuss new datasets on trade costs and their assessment in CGE models. The lectures will be a combination of hands on experience with the models and discussion and explanation of how to interpret results in these and related trade policy CGE models of regional trade integration. The models have been developed in GAMS-MPSGE.

2014 GTAP Conference: 17th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis
18 Jun, 2014 - 20 Jun, 2014
Dakar, Senegal

AGRODEP recently played a leading role in the 17th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis, held from June 18-20 in Dakar, Senegal. The event brought together 194 economists from 52 countries to discuss issues of food policy, trade, and economic vulnerability, with a particular focus on Africa.

2014 Training Course - Advanced CGE Modeling: PEP and IFPRI Models
16 Jun, 2014 - 17 Jun, 2014
Dakar, Senegal


The purpose of this Advanced GAMS-based CGE Modeling training course is to provide an in-depth knowledge about two static single country general equilibrium models widely used by economists for policy analysis: the IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute) standard model and the PEP (Partnership for Economic Policy) 1-1 model.

2014 Advanced CGE Modeling Training Courses
16 Jun, 2014 - 23 Jun, 2014
Dakar, Senegal
AGRODEP is pleased to announce a new training course series on CGE modeling that will be held around the 2014 GTAP conference in June. All members attending these courses will also be granted funding for the GTAP conference if they would like to attend. 

2014 Training Course - Impact Evaluation and Analysis of Development Interventions III
2 Jun, 2014 - 6 Jun, 2014
IFPRI Dakar, Senegal


Over the course of the past ten years, the number of impact evaluations related to development interventions has increased substantially. In fact, under the leadership of leading academic institutions in the US and Europe, empirical studies based on robust comparisons of treatment and control groups have received considerable financial support from the donor community and led to dozens of publications in leading academic journals in the areas of agriculture, education and health.

2014 Training Course - Experimental Methods for Impact Assessment
26 May, 2014 - 27 May, 2014
IFPRI Dakar, Senegal


The term experiment has become quite popular in economics. Examples of experiments abound in many subfields of the economics literature, in particular, experimental, behavioral, and development economics.  Despite the growing use of the term experiment and of the experimental approach in economics, the methodology of experimentation has not yet found its way into the typical economist’s (and researcher’s) toolkit.