Rwanda Micro-Enterprise Survey 2011

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RWA Micro-Enterprise Survey 2011 

The 2011 Rwanda Micro-Enterprise Survey was conducted in Rwanda between June 2011 and February 2012, at the same time with Rwanda Enterprise Survey 2011. Micro-Enterprise Surveys target registered establishments with one to four employees, while traditional Enterprise Surveys focus on businesses with five or more workers. Sampling techniques and questionnaires are the same for Micro-Enterprise and Enterprise Surveys. Data from 148 establishments was analyzed. Stratified random sampling was used to select the surveyed businesses. The objective of the survey is to obtain feedback from enterprises on the state of the private sector and constraints to its growth.

Micro-Enterprise Survey topics include firm characteristics, gender participation, access to finance, annual sales, costs of inputs and labor, workforce composition, bribery, licensing, infrastructure, trade, crime, competition, capacity utilization, land and permits, taxation, informality, AIDS, business-government relations, innovation and technology, and performance measures. Over 90 percent of the questions objectively ascertain characteristics of a country's business environment. The remaining questions assess the survey respondents' opinions on what are the obstacles to firm growth and performance.

Technical documents for this survey are located here.

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The World Bank. Rwanda Micro-Enterprise Survey (MS) 2011, Ref. RWA_2011_MS_v01_M_WB. Dataset downloaded from [URL] on [date]. 
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1 Feb, 2012 
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1 Feb, 2012 
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Prior to downloading the dataset for the 2011 Rwanda Micro-Enterprise Survey, a request must be made through Enterprise Surveys.  The request form is located here.