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RATIN Market Price  

The Regional Agricultural Trade Intelligence Network (RATIN) was developed to help reduce regional food insecurity by strengthening the ability of markets to provide poor households with access to affordable food and to improve food availability through providing adequate incentives to producers. RATIN started as a collaborative effort comprising three USAID projects: Famine Early Warning System Network Project (FEWS NET), the Regional Agricultural Trade Enhancement Support Program (RATES), and Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC). The major task of RATIN is to supply traders with improved early marketing and trade information that would lead to more efficient and competitive transactions in food trade between surplus and deficit regions in East Africa. 

The RATIN crop price data cover the production of several crops in Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

Daily retail price data from the past 7 days is available here from the RATIN website.

A visualization of the retail price data from the past 6 months is available here on the IFPRI Sub Saharan Africa Food Security Portal.

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Free to use, modify and distribute with due credits and citation. 
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Price data from the last 7 days is available to unregistered users for free here. If users register with RATIN, the previous 6 months of data will be available. Data from 2012 is available from EAGC at a fee and with permission from ratin@eagc.org